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I'm some weirdo who didn't get booted from Tumblr but decided to make a NG profile just for the art.
I do character designs, amateur graphic design, writing and the occasional bit of video editing.
I like old manga, anime and Clowns.
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An Introduction

Posted by IronfistClownFactory - December 18th, 2018

I guess I should make this post since I'm going on a follow spree and I don't want to come off as some soulless bot who just posts their stuff and bails. So here goes.

Yo, what's up? The name's Eric. I go by IronfistClown and Prince of the Iron Fist in some circles, but Eric is just fine.

I guess you can consider me a Tumblr refugee since I left the site following the new rules and purging of NSFW content.

To be 100% clear however, I was thinking of ditching Tumblr for a while now before these new rules were put in place because I just didn't use it as much anymore. I'd log on, scroll endlessly and maybe make a post or two. The timing of the purge provided a good and easy out for me.

Anyhow I'm planning on using Newgrounds as another place to put my 'art' alongside my Deviantart and other misc. artportals I use. I say 'art' because I'm more of a designer and writer, namely in characters, logo design and the occasional script for Youtube videos that I'll never make because College kills free time.

I'm always working on personal projects that I'll probably never actually see all the way through, but it's still fun to just design characters the world they inhabit. You can check out brief descriptions of these right on over here: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ironfistclownfactory/my-stories-logo-design-examples

What else about me...Oh, I really love shounen manga and anime (if that wasn't evident by one of the story descriptions), mainly stuff from the 80's and 90's which was PEAK shounen in my opinion, but I've dipped into more modern stuff lately like Kongoh Bancho and Kengan Ashura. Is Kengan shounen actually? I don't think so, but all I do know is that I LOVE it deeply.

I also like fighting games, again, with a taste for the older and obscurer....And sometimes deliberate crap.

You say Street Fighter 5, I say Karnov's Revenge/Fighter's History Dynamite, know what I mean?

I even stream fighting games and a plethora of other off beat and odd games over on my Twitch! I stream mostly on the weekends with some exceptions here and there! You should check it out, especially this coming February when we celebrate Fighter's February 2!: https://www.twitch.tv/princeoftheironfist

Also let's get this outta the way: I'm autistic, and I have the papes to prove it. Dealt with it since I was 5, finally got over it during High School and I'm better at being less awkward.

I'm running out of ways to segway into my other interests, so I'll just list some stuff I'm into:

-Steven Universe

-Chinese Manhua (Comics) based on fighting games such as the mirad amount of King of Fighters based comics

-Looking at character designs in MOBAs (to clarify, I don't play them because MOBAs are garbage. I just appreciate the cool designs alot)

-Romance of the Three Kingdoms (sort of, I'm mostly a fan of Guan Yu because I think he's cool)

-Pro Wrestling (very casually, I only started watching Raw and SmackDown again very recently)

-And much, much more!

So yeah, that's about it for me. If ya read this long dribble give yourself a big ol' pat on the back, you earned it! And hopefully we can be friends and have a groovy time here. Sound good?